Monday, May 12, 2008


Forty for Forty Campaign

The number forty is of significance in Scripture. It is used some 93 times in a variety of ways. It is a measurement of distance and time. It is a count of how many did something and also the age at which a number of people made distinct differences in the faith community. It is the maximum number of times that someone can be appropriately beaten with a lash according to Deuteronomy. It is even the number of years the land is to be given a sabbath at one point. . . .

October 21, 2007 marked the 40th anniversary of my first call and professional sermon. Having served for almost five year as your Regional Minister, one of the realities of which I am painfully aware is that we are understaffed. . . .

Among our African American congregations there is a great tradition of celebrating the pastor’s anniversary. I am asking for you to join me in an adventure. I would like to challenge the Region to celebrate my fortieth year in ministry by making offerings, offerings that “your heart prompts” to build up our endowment fund for the Regional Minister position. A significant increase will enable us to return to two full time staff. Dave Caldwell, our new editor for the Capital Area Christian, has labeled this “$40 for 40 Years from 400 Friends” in this newsletter!

I will actually be asking over the next year for us to make a serious impact on the Regional budget so that by the end of my fortieth year, we will have made a serious difference.

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